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JUNIOR's skate and sport, llc



Located in Hewitt New Jersey and Greenwood Lake New York we are here to provide you with all of your skateboarding, BMX, and Scooter needs. We carry a large variety of parts and accessories as well as a large selection of clothing and shoes. Need repairs or service? We can handle that too, our knowledgeable staff can help you every step of the way and our competitive prices wont hurt your wallet either. Stop by and check us out today.

2019 Greenwood Lake Turnpike #F Hewitt, NJ 07421

116 Windermere Avenue Greenwood Lake NY 10925**

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join the team


We Currently Have Three Teams And We Are Always Looking For New Members!

To Learn How To Join Jump Over To The Contact Section And Shoot Us A Message!

We Hold Weekly And Monthly Meetings As Well To Discuss Upcoming Events, Future Upgrades For The Traveling Tour, And Current Events For Local Towns (Potential New Parks, How We Can Help, What we Can Do To Give Back) For More Info Please Contact Us.

SKATE TEAM: Wyeth Freaney, Liam Smith, Bryan Dalton, And Peter Strausenberger.

SCOOTER TEAM: Jesse Walsh.

BMX TEAM: ROB (Splean), Lucas Malemister, Blair Debois, Vinnie Carozza, George Junior, And Jesse Gause.

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we travel every sunday


Every Sunday we load up our trailer with ramps, rails, and boxes. We travel all over the tri-state area to known skate spots and street spots. Follow us on Facebook And Instagram to see where we're going and when we'll be there. For more info and updates email us @ or call us @ (973)-506-6276.